Exciting ways to exercise your hamster!

When thinking of pets that you need to exercise, hamsters rarely come to mind. However, they actually require regular exercise in order to stay happy, otherwise, they can become lethargic, irritable, obese and destructive.

While the idea of something so small and adorable becoming fat and destructive may seem amusing, you won’t be laughing when you need to replace that cage they just chewed a massive hole through! But fear not, we’re here to help with 5 exciting ways to exercise your hamster.

1. Get them on the ropes!

While you may have horrific memories of being made to climb a rope in front of your whole PE class, a hamster will chew your arm off (not literally, we hope) to be at the top of the cage. The best thing about hamsters is that if you give them the means to exercise, it’s almost guaranteed they will – which is why hanging a piece of rope from the top of the cage is a brilliant way to encourage movement and climbing.

2. Make their life a-maze-ing

Got some extra time on your hands? Craft a maze for your hamster to explore! This is a fantastic way to use up any old shoe boxes and cardboard you might have lying about the house and a brilliant way to encourage mental and physical exercise. Lay treats in certain points of the maze as a reward and you could have the next hamster genius on your hands!


Are you tired of not knowing what to do with empty loo rolls? Rather than binning them (or at least recycling them! Ed) why not construct an obstacle course for your hamster to overcome? What you may see as rubbish could be a kingdom for your humble hamster friend. Simply hold a treat slightly ahead of them and guide them around the course. It will stretch their legs and make you feel that you could lead a hamster army! 

4. A-dig-tive activities

Out in the wild, a hamster’s favourite activity is to dig. Obviously, digging in a cage isn’t going to get them very far. However, lay down at least 2 inches of bedding in their cage and you’ll be giving your ball-of-fluff enough room to dig to simulate the feeling of being back in the wild. 

5. Get the ball rolling

This may seem obvious, but getting your hamster out in their ball several times a week can make a huge difference to their overall health and happiness. A few things to be aware of, however: ensure all doors in the room are closed, make sure nothing is in their way that could damage the ball and, finally, give them a break for a drink and a rest every 15 – 20 minutes to make sure they don’t get too overworked.

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