Find answers to common questions about our service and how it all works.

Do I need pet insurance to access this service?

No! We are not associated with an insurance company, so we are able to provide help to anyone who needs it. For general advice on pet insurance, please get in touch with your local veterinary practice.


Can I claim the cost of my consultation from my insurance company?

We have intentionally kept our prices as low as possible, to try and remove some of the barriers to accessing quick, reliable veterinary support for your pet. This means that our prices generally fall below the insurance minimum for a claim to be made.

How do I pay for the consultation? How does it work?

You can pay for your pet’s consultation using the secure payment link we send you. To protect your security, Vet on the Net won’t receive any of your payment details directly.

Can I use this service if I don't have a camera phone or webcam?

We can give you advice on a phone call instead. Please just make a note of this in your appointment description, and let us know the phone number you would like us to call you on. 


How much is the service?

We have no hidden fees! The price quoted for your consultation is the price you will pay for the veterinary advice provided.


How long does a consultation last?

Our consultations generally last 15 to 20 minutes, to allow us time to fully discuss your pet and their condition.


How do I cancel my appointment?

To cancel your appointment, please just send us an email. If possible, please give us at least 60 minutes' notice, so that we can offer the consultation slot to another pet. 


What animals do you treat?

Our vets have a range of specialisms between them and experience with a variety of different animals! If you would class your pet as “exotic”, please send us their details in advance via email, so that we can match you with a vet with the knowledge to provide reliable, expert advice. 


What can I expect from the consultation?

During our consultations, we start by discussing your pet’s history and the nature of the problem. With your help, we then perform a clinical examination on your pet, before offering advice and guidance on the best course and action and the next steps needed to help them.


Does my pet need to be present for the consultation?

Ideally yes, so that we can perform a clinical examination with your help. If this isn’t possible, then we can offer more general advice based upon the information you provide, although in some cases this may not be as reliable or specific.


How long do I need to wait for a consultation?

We aim to provide regular consultation options to suit you, and in most cases you should be able to book an appointment the same day!


What happens next if you can't diagnose my pet?

If we aren’t sure or we think your pet needs a face-to-face examination, we will refer you back to your own vet.


Is it as good as visiting a physical vet in practice?

Whilst we are unable to perform a physical examination, we can provide advice on many different conditions. We will always do what is best for your pet, so if we feel it would be better for them to be seen in person by a vet, we will let you know.

Under what circumstances should I contact you?

We can offer quick advice on a range of healthcare topics and health conditions at the touch of a button. If you’d like a convenient veterinary appointment from the comfort of your own home, you’ve come to the right place!


When should I call my vet?

If you and your pet have an emergency, you should always contact your local veterinary practice immediately. 

Can online vets prescribe antibiotics?

We are unable to prescribe antibiotics, which are rarely used as a first-line option by veterinary practices, as many conditions respond well to other types of products and medicines. 


Can online vets write prescriptions?

At the moment, we are unable to offer prescription medicines as part of our online consultations.

Not sure what to ask our consulting vet during your pet's consultation?

Find the essential questions to ask during your pet's online consult via the link below.