Applaws Cat Pouch Chicken & Asparagus 12 x 70g


Introducing the new Applaws Pouch for Cats. Your cats adore the Applaws tins, just watch their reaction to the new and truly different addition to the premium single serve for cats. Applaws Pouch is a complimentary food, not a complete.

• Exceptional – 75% pure meat content, completely additive free and absolutely no fillers ever! You can see what’s in the pouch – that’s it!

• Natural – 100% pouch for cats is really different as it contains only natural ingredients.

• Exciting – There really is nothing else like this on the market. The quality is there to see for you, the cat owner.

• Responsible – All the fish caught are fish using dolphin friendly and sustainable methods and from Earth Island certified manufactures. All chickens are free rang

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