Harrisons Recovery Formula


Harrisons Recovery Formula is a complete nutritional support formula for sick or injured birds.

It is scientifically designed to provide the levels of energy, protein and other essential elements required by the bird during and following illness.

Harrisons Recovery Formula comes as a fine powder, and when water is added it becomes a creamy liquid and does not seperate on standing.

This helps the food to move through the digestive system and promotes good nutrient absorbtion and assists with tissue recovery.

Harrisons Recovery Formula has a high level (35%) of quality protein and contains no complex sugars, which are known to induce diarrhoea in some species of birds, also making it ideal for hand rearing species of wild birds that have a high protein requirement such as swifts, robins, pipits and dunnock.

Suitable as a hand feeding and rehabilitation formula for most wild birds especially those that are highly insectiverous e.g.

swifts, pipits, robins etc.

Use as the initial food for hand feeding doves and pigions less than 10 days old.



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