Hills Science Plan – Mature 7+ – Youthful Vitality – Chicken & Salmon Pouches


Hills Youthful Vitality 7+ Feline Multipack will help support your middle aged cat in a number of ways:

Brain function – Contains powerful antioxidants for a healthy brain and supports your cat’s desire to play with their family
Energy and vitality – Protein and L-carnitine support your cat’s mobility and improve their ability to run, play and climb
Healthy kidneys and urinary tract – Controlled minerals help maintain healthy kidneys and urinary tract
Healthy digestive system – Contains high quality, easy-to-digest ingredients with great taste to please even the fussiest eater!
Luxurious fur – Enriched with fatty acids to teach your cat good grooming habits and reduce matting and increase softness

Sold as a box of 12 x 85g pouches (6 chicken + 6 salmon)

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