Mikki Car Harness – Medium or Large Dog


Mikki Car Harnesses make travelling with your dog a safer experience. Perfect for long and short journeys, this harness is fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. The harness fastens under the dog’s front legs and the padded chest offers maximum protection. The harness includes a detachable seat belt strap that the seat belt passes through, these clips onto the harness, holding your dog in place. The seatbelt strap can be left in place for the next journey allowing your dog to be released or attached quickly. The swivel attachment ensures that your dog does not become tangled during the journey.

Available in two sizes:
MEDIUM: neck size 30-42cm, Girth size 50-65cm. Breed suggestions: Beagle, Springer or Cocker Spaniel, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
LARGE : neck size 40-60cm, Girth size 60-80cm. Breed suggestions: Labrador, Boxer, Doberman.



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