PRO PLAN – Medium Puppy – Sensitive Skin – Salmon


A complete dry food scientifically formulated for medium-sized puppies with sensitive skin.
Sometimes puppies have sensitive skin, and associated signs can include dandruff or dry, scurfy skin, and scratching. Food can contribute to skin sensitivities. PRO PLAN® DOG Medium Puppy Sensitive Skin with OPTIDERMA® tailored to the needs of a dog with sensitive skin can help you reduce discomfort associated with food sensitivity, helping them in their daily life.
OPTIDERMA® is a selection of carefully chosen nutrients that target your puppy’s skin. It is specially formulated to promote healthy skin and a healthy coat. It also provides them with all the nutrition they need to help them keep playing, learning and exploring throughout the day, helping them to grow up healthy and happy.
Our delicious puppy food with high quality ingredients and Salmon as the No.1 ingredient offers a great taste that dogs and puppies will love..
This dry puppy food is suitable for Gestating and Lactating female dogs, too.

Available in 3kg and 12kg bags.



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