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  • Live video consultations with qualified vets

    Book a virtual consultation with one of our veterinary professionals. Our vet will assess your pet via video link and provide support and advice on their health and condition.

  • Pet advice from your own home

    Your vet will take a detailed history including the current symptoms your pet is experiencing. Together, you can create a tailored treatment plan that is right for you and your pet. Here at Vet on the Net, we know one size does not fit all!

  • Virtual shop and pharmacy

    Our virtual veterinary pharmacy is here for all your pet's health needs, whilst our online shop stocks pet food, health supplements and accessories. Delivery to your door makes it quick and easy.

About Us

About Vet on the Net

Bringing together a team of dedicated veterinary professionals, Vet on the Net was created to provide easy to access, expert care for your pet from the comfort of their home.

Our online platform offers video consultations coupled with an online pharmacy and shop. £15 consultations with our vets at any time!

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Rabbit Neutering

Rabbits are well known for their ability to increase their numbers very rapidly, so the 2 cute bundles of fluff that you adopt can quickly turn into tens or even hundreds of rabbits if they are not neutered!
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Rabbit Vaccinations

Vaccines are a very important part of your pets health care plan as it offers them immunity against harmful viruses. In the UK, we vaccinate rabbits against two fatal diseases...
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Pets and our mental health

The pandemic and the resulting lockdown has proved a challenge for many people's mental health. Pets have played a huge part in our lives being companions and keeping so many of us active. Here we explore in more detail the link between our furry (or not so furry) friends and our mental wellbeing.
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Wonderful Winter Walks

Keep visible, wash their paws and plan ahead - top tips on how to keep your beloved pets safe during their winter walks.
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Instant Service – speak to a Vet online when you need advice or support for your pets!

We understand being able to access veterinary care when you need it is essential for your animal’s wellbeing and your peace of mind. We offer a rapid service with bookings readily available.
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Virtual shop & pharmacy

Our virtual veterinary pharmacy is here for all your pet's medical and health needs, whilst our online shop stocks pet food, health supplements, leads and collars.

Pricing Information

We like to keep things simple - choose the right consultation for you and your pet. Book your consultation for just £15 at any time.