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About Us

About Vet on the Net

Bringing together a team of dedicated veterinary professionals, Vet on the Net was created to provide easy to access, expert care for your pet from the comfort of their home.

Our online platform offers video consultations coupled with an online pharmacy and shop. Consultations are just £24 with our vets at any time!

Hot Topics

Springtime and our pets!

Spring is here and we are heading to the country for hearty walks and the sun on our faces - but not before reading our top tips for a safe time.
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Rabbit Neutering

"Breeding like rabbits" - that phrase was coined for a reason! Well-known for their ability to rapidly increase numbers, those two cute bundles of fluff you brought home can quickly turn into dozens, even hundreds, of rabbits if not neutered. Neutering also has health and behavioural benefits for the individual. Our Lead Veterinary Surgeon has a Certificate in Zoological Medicine (Exotic Pets) and looks at the subject in depth.
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GDV in the dog: a twist in the tale

A twisted stomach, which vets call Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV), is a potentially life-threatening condition that can progress very quickly. Urgent veterinary care is needed to ensure your pet has the best chance of survival. We look at what you need to know to understand the condition and spot the signs promptly.
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Bladder stones in dogs

Dogs can suffer from bladder problems if crystals develop in their urine and these crystals clump together to form stones within the bladder. We look at why this happens and what can be done about it.
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Instant Service – speak to a Vet online when you need advice or support for your pets!

We understand being able to access veterinary care when you need it is essential for your animal’s wellbeing and your peace of mind. We offer a rapid service with bookings readily available.

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We like to keep things simple - Consults are just £24 at any time!